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Zahid Shah, Kashmir (India), newest IPF- International Parkour Federation Board Member & IPF “Peace Through Parkour” Ambassador

December 2, 2019 | 0 Comments

Zahid Yaqoob Shah-  Founder/President of Kashmir Parkour-  from Kashmir, INDIA

Zahid Yaqoob Shah from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India, Parkour athlete, founder and president of Kashmir Parkour, is the newest IPF board member and has been named an IPF “Peace Through Parkour Ambassador.” Mr. Shah will work in new national governing body development as well as with initiatives to promote peace through Parkour education, youth development, education, and Parkour instructor certification in conflict zones around the world, as part of IPF’s #PeaceThroughParkour initiative. https://internationalparkourfederation.org/peace-through-parkour/

Mr. Shah began practicing Parkour alone in Kashmir, intrigued with both the sport but also the strong message and philosophy of Parkour. In time he began training other young Kashmiri youth and with that Kashmir Parkour Freerunning was born. Mr. Shah is proud to have introduced Parkour to Kashmiri youth and to be training the first generation of Kashmir Parkour athletes.   When he is not traveling as a speaker and “Peace Through Parkour” ambassador, he runs training programs in Kashmir for adults as well as youth fitness and educational programs in Kashmiri schools for boys and girls.

Zahid Shah with IPF- Intenational Parkour Federation co-founder and Secretary General, David Richard Thompson

Mr. Shah was the recipient of an IPF scholarship to attend the WFPF Parkour instructor certification (Levels 1, 2, and 3) as well as its leadership mentor program.

Mr. Zahid Shah with a member of the organization “Kashmiri Gathering of North America” receiving his mentor award

Mr Shah also was a presenter at the 2019 USA Parkour Cup in Tampa, Flordia where he gave an informational seminar on “Peace Through Parkour” and about Parkour life in Kashmir.