Peace Through Parkour

Having developed along a similar timeline to YouTube and Facebook, Parkour has always been and continues to be a global, trans-national phenomenon, with Parkour practitioners considering themselves more connected by their commitment to movement than to their country of origin. In fact, a great deal of media has made its way onto Facebook from active conflict zones, often from opposing sides. IPF works with athletes in Kashmir, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, in Ukraine and in Russia. One of our sponsored athletes in Baghdad, a true leader in the Parkour community said it best, “My religion is peace.”

This attitude does not simply come from the philosophy of Parkour, which prizes service to others above all else, but also from the experience of overcoming movement challenges together. Parkour athletes in the countries with whom IPF works are already making a big difference through their leadership, they are forming official federations with the guidance of IPF, are opening Parkour gyms, and holding events and competitions, all while promoting #PeaceThroughParkour. IPF is currently developing the PEACE THROUGH PARKOUR GLOBAL EDUCATION INITATIVE, as we believe that through both education and sport, all things can improve for the young people in the world. We look forward to sharing this initiative with you in the future.

It is our goal to use organized Parkour gatherings in conflict zones to increase understanding between peoples, and to further spread this philosophy by offering teaching certifications at no cost to the participants. We believe that by giving these young people the experience of overcoming obstacles together and by teaching them a skill they can then share with others, the positive effects of Parkour will spread peace virally. Let’s put it to the test. To see our Guidestar profile and to donate go to:

Do you have a Parkour initiative of your own? Would you like to support an existing initiative? If so, email:

– IPF “Peace Through Parkour Initative”
– Athlete Ambassador
– Zahid Shah, Kashmir

– IPF “Peace Through Parkour” Initiative
– Athlete Ambassador
– Qudrat Frotan, Afghanistan

Our goal is to spread peace by partnering with our Parkour Athlete leaders in conflict zones. In the works is also a short film project using available footage as well as filming new footage and interviews.

So far the crew consists of:

Ryan Doyle – WFPF Founding Athlete, Host, Producer

More on Ryan Doyle:

Photo Credit: Jeremy David Creative

David Richard Thompson – Creator of the “Peace Through Parkour Global Education Initiative”, Executive Producer

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Victor Bevine – Executive Producer

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Ben Avishai – Writer, Producer

George Yazbek – Director, Producer

Will Kaufman – Cinematographer, Editor, Producer