Parkour Education Scholarships

“IPF Parkour Education Scholarship fund provides salaries to our hardworking vetted existing teachers so they can continue teaching and expand their programs to larger groups of students such as our teachers from Team Kaizen Parkour South Africa who teach and mentor at risk kids.  


IPF scholarship fund also provides certification scholarships for both in-person and virtual certification workshops. IPF funds athletes on a case by case basis to get WFPF certified as a Level 1-2 Parkour Instructor. IPF has funded approximately 40 scholarships to date.”


Kaizen Parkour, South Africa-
Help the Children Through Parkour

Certain Parkour teams get IPF’s attention,

quite simply, because they grab us by the

heart! Kazien Parkour is one of those teams.

Hailing from South Africa, Kaizen Parkour

has inspired us to ask you to help them

in their journey to help improve and inspire a

new generation of children in South Africa.

Watch their video below and see their story

and make sure to share and donate!

A message from KAIZEN PARKOUR

As Kaizen Parkour our short term goal is to tour South Africa, the main objective of the tour is to raise awareness in schools & impoverished communities by teaching and performing in front of the youth. We are using Parkour & Free Running to inspire each and every person we come across.. Video footage of the tour will go a long way in promoting the sport in areas we might not be able to reach.

The tour will inspire a lot more youth & give them a new fun activity that promotes both mental & physical fitness. It will keep them busy and less open to the temptations of drug & alcohol abuse, premarital sex & violence which are very common in the communities we live in.

We have been giving weekend Parkour classes to some of the kids in our community & surrounding areas since January 2016. The problems we face are that we do not have proper training facilities in a fixed location. We also have not yet built enough of a public awareness about our team to encourage all parents to entrust us with teaching their kids a sport that is relatively unknown to them – hence the tour. Success of the tour will also enable us to start working towards our three year plan which involves building and owning a parkour training facility. In the next five years, we hope that through our efforts, Parkour can be accepted and recognized by the general population and we can continue to help the children of South Africa by doing more tours and also by teaching in our own Parkour facility.

Kaizen Parkour is grateful for the support and mentoring of IPF- International Parkour Federation
Respectively Yours-

Kaizen Parkour- South Africa
Members: Mike Ice, Silus Reed, Gilbert Ndovie, Simon Jnr Ndovie, and Solomon Saul


“The past year has been a busy year for Kaizen Parkour. We have  been up and active with pushing the movement of Parkour in South Africa.
We had the privilege to teach Parkour at a  local high school for a couple of months which is also helped the Team to advance and grow as Parkour Instructors to the students.
Another achievement we were able to accomplish was hosting our 2nd annual Parkour event called the “Black Jam” which had a big impact on the South African Parkour community as all the Parkour teams / Tracers / Free-runners from all around our Province attended in what turned out to be a successful event of great bonding through the movement of Parkour.  We have bigger plans this year to make it bigger than the previous years by turning it into a jam/Championship following the ranks of the USA Parkour Cup in a way we wanna inspire unity in the community.
2019 is going to be a better year and we look forward to it!”

South Africa – Kaizen Parkour’s “Help the Children Through Parkour!” Fundraiser- WFPF/IPF

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