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KAIZEN Parkour, South Africa- 2019 Updates and their “Help The Children” Initiative.

July 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

A little update in 2019 from Kaizen Parkour in South Africa who continue to do Parkour and Motivational workshops around South Africa in an effort to help “at risk” children. Here is the latest up date from them:

” The past year has been a busy year for Kaizen Parkour. We have  been up and active with pushing the movement of Parkour in South Africa. We had the privilege to teach Parkour at a  local high school for a couple of months which is also helped the Team to advance and grow as Parkour Instructors to the students.Another achievement we were able to accomplish was hosting our 2nd annual Parkour event called : The Black Jam which had a big impact on the South African Parkour community as all the Parkour teams/Tracuers/Freerunners from all around our Province attended in what turned out to be a successful event of great bonding through the movement of Parkour and we have bigger plans this year to make it bigger than the previous years by turning it into a jam/Championship following the ranks of the USA Parkour Cup in a way we wanna inspire unity in the community. 2019 is going to be a better year and we look forward to it!

KAIZEN Parkour, South Africa”

Kaizen Parkour “Help the Children Through Parkour”

To see what their initiative is all about go to: