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Afghanistan Freerunning Parkour Federation becomes IPF Federation, is Approved by Afghanistan National Olympic Federation, Begins Construction of 15 Parkour Schools

August 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

August 16, 2017- The Afghanistan Freerunning Parkour Federation (ANFPF) has become an official nation federation of IPF- InternationalParkourFederation.com. Earlier in the year, ANFPF was recognized by both the Afghanistan government and the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee. ANFPF is the second IPF national federation to be recognized by their country’s national Olympic Committee (the other one being Kosovo Parkour Federation- FPK-KPF).   On January 18, 2017, Mr. Mohammad Zelgai Aslami was elected as the president of Afghanistan Freerunning Parkour Federation and he is currently serving as the president of the named federation.  The current officers of a ANFPF are:

President: Mr. Mohammad Zelgay Aslami
Secretary: Mr. Sayed Mohammad Omer Mirzad
Treasurer: Mr. Meerh Ahmad Tamim Saberi
Vice president: Mr.Mohammad Faisal Noorzadj
Vice president: Miss Hasina Ahmadi

President Aslami has begun his tenure as president of the federation by taking actions that are already changing the face of parkour in Afghanistan.  Under the direction of Mr. Aslami, ANFPF has announced and has already begun the process of building 15 parkour/freerunning schools around the country and are recruiting the many established parkour teams and athletes around Afghanistan to run these schools.

IPF representatives had discussions with ANFPF President Aslami and Afghan parkour team APG (est. 2010) to ensure involvement for an APG member (Khair Mohammad Zahidi) on the board of ANFPF. Ali Amiri, founder of APG, will not hold a position in ANFPF because he now resides in Germany, but his contribution to the Afghani parkour community was an important beginning step in the history of parkour in Afghanistan which will continue to live on into the future.