Co-Founder WFPF, IPF and USA Parkour, Board Member IPTC (International Professional Training Certification), Board Member USA Sports Council, Co-Executive Producer MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE.

Born in New York of Italian parents, educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University, Victor Bevine began his professional life first as an actor, when at the age of 16 he was cast in a leading role in the Paramount Pictures film version of the WWII prep school classic, A SEPARATE PEACE. He went on to have a distinguished acting career in NY and Los Angeles, appearing on and off-Broadway, at the New York Shakespeare Festival with Al Pacino and Martin Sheen in JULIUS CAESAR and in numerous hit television shows. Expanding his horizons, Victor began writing and directing (he was the founding Artistic Director of the LA Classical Theatre Lab) and as a result discovered the path that would alter the course of his life forever. Restless and eager to start “giving back”, Victor was recruited to teach a playwriting workshop to underserved teens in Southern California. This turned into a life’s calling as he developed his own arts empowerment curriculum for at-risk youth based on the mythology of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It was through this work that Victor became acquainted with friend and future business partner, David Thompson. And It was 12 years ago, during a drive home from teaching, after spending several hours working with a particularly tough group of kids, that Victor first heard of parkour on the radio, of the beauty of its unique movement and philosophy of empowerment. Together, he and Thompson brought their vision to their third partner, Francis Lyons, whose overall production deal at MTV made possible MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE, which effectively launched the WFPF brand, forever linking it to the top athletes and highest aspirations of the sport. Bringing to bear their instinct for mentorship and youth development, the two created a uniquely pro-social business enterprise that empowers young people and grows leaders, often in what some might consider to be the most unlikely places. As the WFPF Mission continues to attract like-minded partners from around the world, Bevine and Thompson remain committed to the parkour philosophy, “Be Strong to be Useful.”